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Condition Monitoring System - Deer Island

Job Highlights:

  • 6,600’ Instrumentation Cable
  • 3,000’ of Power Cable
  • 4,500 Terminations
  • 160 Terminations
  • 160 Vibration, Temperature and Proximity sensors
  • 18 Modification of Existing Racks


    Condition Monitoring System - Deer Island

    J.F. White’s Electrical Division was contracted by the MWRA to upgrade their existing "Bently Nevada" condition monitoring equipment at the Deer Island Waste Water Treatment Plant with the latest in monitoring technology.

    This project included the installation of field monitoring, probe and sensory devices, conduit raceways, wiring infrastructure and control panels required for monitoring of the operation of critical processing equipment. The equipment being monitored included 5kv motors, 480v pumps, generators and centrifuges. Some of the equipment was situated in a Class 1 Division 1 hazardous locations.

    The data collected from the field devices was processed and integrated with the MWRA’s SCADA and PICS System to allow the personnel to remotely monitor the systems and operations from the Administration Building.