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Orange Line Test Track

Project Highlights:
  • 10 heater cases
  • 113 3rd rail heater elements
  • 23 bonds

  The rehabilitation of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Orange Line Test Track was approximately 2.5 miles of light rail track between Community College and Wellington Stations.

The scope of work included disconnecting and reconnecting of power and signal equipment for the replacement of track, track switch machines, Wee­Z and interlocking signal bonds, 3rd Rail power connections and traction power wayside switches.

J.F. White supplied and installed a new third rail heater system, complete, including rail heating elements, wireless control cases and owner supplied 2000MCM power supply cables. Testing the integrity of existing power system 1000MCM cables and replacing was also provided as directed. 

                                                                 Total value: $1,544,984