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Maverick Station Blue Line Electrical Upgrade

Project Highlights:
  • Security camera systems
  • 1,000 lf medium voltage 15KV
  • 73,450 lf various size conduits
  • 16,410 lf communication and
    signal cables.


Maverick Station Blue Line Modernization included a $7 million dollar electrical upgrade. This included a brand new 2000A Electrical service installed in newly built Unit substation located at the west end of the station. A new 400 amp backup generator was installed and tied into the new emergency lighting system.

Over 400 new lighting fixtures of various types to enhance the new platform along with a new public address system to inform passengers of current events and complement the new LED information message boards. A new train status panel has been brought up to date so passengers can visually see where the trains are in the system at any given time. Two new tunnel emergency ventilation fans were installed and are capable of evacuating any smoke should it become necessary.

New security cameras along the platform have been installed to monitor daily events along with 4 video surveillance cameras and a new AFC room. A new 1500 amp upgrade at an existing unit substation, replacing an existing 800 with all new gear.