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S.C. Fuller Center Inpatient Renovations

Job Highlights:

  • 85 Induction units replaced and trimmed out.
  • Replaced all existing hot water supply and return shut-off valves.
  • Installed new Condensate Drain system to replace existing system that was not properly sloped.
  • Working in an secured occupied building.


J.F. White was contracted by F.L. Caulfield & Sons to provide the HVAC services for the Inpatient Renovations at the Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center in Boston. The work included furnishing, installing and trim-out for 85 induction units on three floors of the building.

In addition, J.F. White managed the subcontracts for the ATC, Ductwork, Insulation and TAB, which also included furnishing various pieces of equipment to be installed by these subcontractors. As with any project involving an aged facility, there were unanticipated situations that arose during construction which J.F. White was asked to resolve; all of which were successfully completed.

Contract amount: $1,113,788.