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Veolia Steam Line Lechmere Viaduct

Project Highlights:
  • Piping internals for 15 new steam manholes.
  • In‐line expansion joints utilized in lieu of expansion loops.
  • 200 psi steam blow performed.
  • X‐Ray quality welding.


J.F. White Mechanical worked multiple shifts for 4 months during the height of this project, responsible for installing and welding out the majority of a new 18” steam line and 3” condensate return line for Veolia Energy. The path for the new steam line started at Veolia’s Cambridge GenOn Power Plant and traveled roughly 1.2 miles into Boston ending near the Boston Garden.

A major challenge on this project was the installation of a 60 foot span of piping that crossed over the Charles River Channel. To accomplish this, J.F. White coordinated a major shut down of the MBTA Green Line, mobilized a 275 Ton Hydraulic Crane on McGrath and O’Brien Highway, picked the 60 foot inverted “U” of 18” steam and 3” condensate over the Lechmere Viaduct train tracks and welded out two 18” and two 3” welds in a 3.25 hour window.

The operation went as planned and the MBTA was back up and running trains for the morning commute. Another challenge was working in excavations with numerous existing utilities (electrical ductbanks, gas, water, sewer) and navigating over or under the interferences with the 18” steam line.

Contract value: $2,745,456