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Interstate 95 over North Ave, Attleboro, MA

Project Highlights:
  • 2 bridges replaced using Accelerated Bridge Construction
  • Temp roadway on metal arch saved time and money
  • Complete bridge removal and replacement in 87DY, 11DY ahead of milestone
  • Cast-in-place substructure
  • Interstate I-95 traffic uninterrupted for duration of project


This MassDOT Accelerated Bridge project removed and replaced existing Northbound and Southbound bridges over North Ave in Attleboro, MA. These bridges are the most heavily traveled bridges in the corridor receiving more than 100,000 vehicles per day. Eliminating the specified temporary bridge and utilizing a temporary diversion roadway constructed with a corrugated metal arch and wire mesh retaining walls, saved both time and money. Bridge replacement work included the full demolition of the bridge, new concrete substructure including footings, abutment and wing walls. J.F. White utilized conventional cast-in-place methods for the substructure reconstruction. In addition, the replacement bridge superstructure included the installation of four precast bridge deck units (PBUs) comprised of steel beams with composite concrete decking tied together with closure pours. In addition to the replacement of the bridge, the scope of the project also included: removal and replacement of related road and utility construction along the alignment, excavation and embankment, bituminous pavement, curbing, sidewalks, and pavement markings along with the installation of a new soundwall structure.

Contract value: $21,600,000