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Harvard Blackstone Boiler #11 Controls Upgrade

Project Highlights:

All large bore natural gas piping required radiograph testing.

Project included Boiler Code welding

Work performed in an operating power plant.

Project was a coordinated effort by JFW Mechanical and Electrical Divisions.


Harvard Blackstone Boiler #11 Controls Upgrade

In an effort to bring the older boilers at the Harvard Blackstone Power Plant up to parity with a newly installed Boiler #13, Harvard contracted J.F. White to implement a design upgrade on Boiler #11.

The work consisted of demolition of the old controls, valves, wiring and piping for the natural gas, No. 6 fuel oil, atomizing steam, and aspirating air systems to the 4 burners on Boiler #11, and their replacement with new, more efficient controls, valves, and monitoring devices.

To complete the modification of the old systems within the same general space confinements was a challenge, but with preplanning, and coordination with the client and engineer, J.F. White was able to accomplish the work in a professional, functionally ergonomic manner and to the complete satisfaction of the client.