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Groveland Substation

Project Highlights:
  • Install new station service transformer
  • Install new 13kv station switchgear
  • Installation & Assembly of new 23kv/13.8kv Switchyard


J. F. White's Electrical group upgraded the existing 23kv switch yard for the Groveland Municipal Light Department with the installation of a new 23kv - 13.8 kv substation.

The work involved the installation and connection of a new facility including the site work, fencing and gates, equipment foundations, containment and collection foundations, installation of the new 23kv and 13.8 kV packaged air insulated substation complete with accessories, two (2_ 23kv - 13.8 kv power transformers, associated loadbreak switches, reclosers, voltage regulator, disconnect switches, etc., a new pre-cast utility control and equipment enclosure complete with lighting, HVAC, telephone communications, SCADA-RTU and station annunciator.  J. F. White installed an underground concrete ductbank between the new and existing facilities a, all required buried and above ground conduit systems, power cable connecting the new existing substations, low voltage power, control, lighting and communications, cabling; and substation grounding system in both the new and existing areas and modifications to the existing substation to accommodate new equipment.