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Lechmere Viaduct Rehabilitation

Project Highlights:
  • 3,256 LF Dismantle & Remove Track
  • 2,114 EA furnished and installed bridge ties
  • 2,928 LF Cable trough


Work consists of removing and replacing the rail, guard rail, open deck ties and all fasteners and track appurtenances on both inbound and outbound tracks of the open deck portion of the Lechmere Viaduct with new material. The track and ballast material on both tracks at Science Park Station and Pier 12 were also removed and replaced with new material. Leveling planks were installed under the new ties in the bridge deck area along with additional shimming to adjust for new/higher track profile, and adjustments for changes to cable trough.

Structural repairs performed consisted of patching spalling or damaged concrete surfaces (both vertically and horizontally), including repair or replacement of portions of the concrete balustrade, repair of concrete deck joints at the expansion joints, replacement of the damaged steel bracket.


Contract value: $4,633,000.