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Westfield Great River Bridge

Project Highlights:
  • 256 foundation piles.
  • 54,000 sf of steel sheeting adjacent to tracks.
  • 2,100 tons of structural steel.
  • 1,600 Rivets removed.
  • 12,000 sf work trestle.


J.F. White was contracted by MassDOT to construct two new bridges and the historic rehabilitation of the existing Great River Bridge in downtown Westfield. Work included a new Truman Truss bridge spanning the Westfield river, rehabilitation of the existing truss bridge and replacing the active CSX viaduct bridge as well as extensive utility installations and park construction.

Work activities included: temporary trestle spanning the river, cofferdams and dewatering, caissons, H-piles, concrete piers and abutments, structural steel. Utility and bridge work were in heavily traveled roadways of highway routes 10 & 202. Water and sewer line replacements as well as extensive drainage. Electrical work involved construction of seven traffic intersections as well as street and park lighting. Fountain construction including underground pump room, reservoir chamber with a network of pumps and piping.

The CSX viaduct was replaced in two phases, keeping one track in service at all times. One track was taken out of service by CSX while the replacement work took place approximately 9’ from the centerline of the active rail line.

Contract value: $61,300,000.