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Braintree Weymouth Intermediate Pump Station

Project Highlights:
  • Drove Sheeting Piles
  • 75’ Length 480 lf (perimeter)
  • 60’ Length 175 lf (perimeter)
  • 30’ to 48’ in depth of
  • 20,000 cy Cast in Place
  • Disposal of Contaminated
  • Dewatering within 50’ of
    Shore Line

Template for sheeting



This MWRA pump station links the Weymouth Relief Interceptor which will convey sewage to the Intermediate Pump Station having the capacity for pumping 45 million-gallons of waste water per day to the Fore River Staging Area to Nut Island headworks.

The pump station work included steel sheeted earth support system for the foundation, cast in place foundation, masonry, structural steel, roofing, ceramic tile, terrazzo flooring, grit and screening removal equipment, pumps, odor control system, plumbing , HVAC and electrical.

The earth support system covered a 655-foot perimeter with 600 tons of steel sheeting driven approximately 50 feet from the shore line. The excavation ranged from 30 to 48 feet in depth with 3 levels of wales, cross-struts and corner bracing. Once the cofferdam was excavated concrete placement began. The building has a brick fascia with CMU interior walls and a slate roof.