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Ancillary Modifications 1 Deer Island

Job Highlights:

  • Class 1 Division 1 hazardous location installations.
  • SCADA & PICS interface
  • 5,120’ Galvanized rigid conduit.
  • 5,750’ PVC Coated rigid conduit.
  • 120,690’ Control & Instrumentation wire.
  • Motor Control Center modifications.

    Ancillary Modifications, Deer Island


    Ancillary Modifications 1 Deer Island

    This contract consisted of modifying and replacing existing equipment for the MWRA at the Deer Island Treatment Plant. The facility operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week while maintaining full operation during the demolition and installation stage making the work schedule a challenge that J.F. White was able to meet.

    At the Winthrop Terminal Facility 8 MCC buckets were modified to power 3 new conveyor and screen systems. A new programmable logic controller was installed to synchronize the operation of the air driven system and the conveyor screens.

    The four existing Drum Screens, conduits and wiring in the Primary Scum Room were demolished and replaced with new equipment. J.F. White installed PVC coated rigid conduit, wire, field instruments, devices, disconnects and control stations. GAI-Tronics Communication System, fire alarm upgrade and gas detection system was also installed . Most work was performed in hazardous areas where TYVEK suits and respirators were required.