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Red Line Trough and Winter Resiliency Project

Project Highlights:
  • 3346 LFT Track Replacement in Stations
  • 1170 LFR Replace Running Rail and Restraining Rail
  • 1842 EA Replace Wood Crossties
  • 11,400 LFR De-­Stressing CWR



The subcontract work included track removal and complete new 115#RE track replacement at Braintree, Quincy Adams, and Quincy Center Stations on the Braintree Branch including ballast, ties, Pandrol plates & fasteners, new 115#RE rail, tamping, surfacing and aligning.  The existing ballasted track in the stations consisted of worn 115#RE rail on duo-­block concrete ties (likely original to the Red Line Extension circa 1970’s). 

The work also included replacement of the existing 115#RE running rail and 132#RE Vertical restraining rail at Clayton Curve on the Ashmont Branch and replacement of existing concrete and wood crossties with new wood crossties on the Braintree Branch, Ashmont Branch, and the Cabot Yard Lead track including tamping, surfacing and aligning. 

Flash-­butt welding of rail strings, thermite field welds, and de-­stressing CWR were performed at all lines. 

                                                                 Total value: $2,981,471