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Springfield Technical Community College Central Plant

Project Highlights:
  • Fourteen new Condensing Hot Water Boilers.
  • New DDC control system for all new equipment.
  • Three new centrifugal chillers and cooling towers.
  • Two new steam boilers.


J.F .White was contracted by DCAMM to finalize the design/build project to replace both the existing central campus heating and cooling systems. The new heating and cooling systems entailed the furnishing, installing and commissioning of new gas fired steam and hot water boilers, centrifugal chillers with new 13.8 KVa switchgear, cooling towers, and all ancillary equipment, such as pumps, variable frequency drives, air handlers, chemical treatment, and DDC controls, necessary to replace the existing central heating and cooling systems along with the creation of several new satellite hot water heating plants.

The College was occupied for most of the year and the project had to be staged into three phases; preliminary cooling, heating, and final cooling. All phases had milestone dates dictated by the State’s seasonal cooling and heating availability guidelines. Each phase had not only the demolition of the existing equipment to clear the way for the new equipment, but also required that the controls necessary for new equipment to be installed, integrated, and functional before the seasonal milestone date. All seasonal milestone dates were met for all phases without interruption to the campus activities.

Contract value: $12,000,000.