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Distrigas Electrical and Instrumentation

Job Highlights:

  • 1430’ of 3” Vertical Conduit
  • 890’ of 2” Vertical Conduit
  • 7,700’ of Power Cable
  • 7,600’ of Lighting Wire
  • 12,800’ of Instrumentation Cable
  • 53 Industrial Explosion Proof 150W Metal Halide Lighting Fixtures


Three explosion proof stop start stations at the platform level at Tank no. 2.

This Distrigas facility is a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) storage distribution center. This was a Federal project based on a FERC permit. J.F. White's Electrical Division was contracted to install various systems including power, lighting, instrumentation and controls. The electrical installation was in a hazardous location (Class 1 Division 1, as classified by the National Electrical Code). GRS conduits, explosion-proof materials and equipment were required. Vertical conduit raceways were installed to the side of each gas tank's structural steel stair towers, approximately 180' high to serve each system.

To run power to 7 pumps at the top of the tank, 7 - 3” GRS conduits were installed, along with 2 - 2" GRS conduit risers for the controls to operate the pumps from the tank’s work platform or from the inside of the control tower. An additional 2 - 2" GRS conduits were installed for the lighting system on the work platform, and 4 - 1 1/2" risers were also used for the instrumentation devices at the top of the work platform and for the vacuum jacketed piping.

Daily safety meetings were held and 100% fall protection was required at all times during more than 5,000 work hours. Coordination with other trades, agencies and the client’s LNG shipping schedule was a challenge, but the J.F. White Electrical team met the FERC project deadline without incident.