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Walnut Hill Treatment Plant

Job Highlights:

  • Refurbished 2 - 5kv generator turbines
  • Installed a complete & operational process instrumentation system

    Embedded rooftop conduits


    J.F. White's Electrical team worked in concert with the mechanical and civil teams to refurbish Walnut Hills Cosgrove and Wachusett Intakes on the Wachusett Reservoir in the town of Clinton, MA. The electrical team took part in renovating the existing water treatment plant while limiting the number of interruptions in service.

    This work included: a 5kv switchgear modification, cleaning and refurbishing two - 5kv turbine generators, the installation of a complete fire alarm system, the installation of a complete process instrumentation system, and provisions for SCADA interface. Also the plant's electrical service was increased from a 200 amp to a 400 amp service.

    Having one contractor, J.F. White, providing all of these specialized services benefitted our client because we could easily and efficiently transition between work activities. A well coordinated schedule was essential to keeping the Walnut Hill Treatment Plant fully operational during construction.