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Steam and Chilled Water Utility Relocation

Job Highlights:

  • Underground Double Wall Pipe System
  • Difficult construction schedule
  • Xray quality welding
  • Outage coordination with owner
  • Design assistance


J.F. White's Mechanical Division was contracted by Simmons College and introduced to the job team in August of 2005. Based on Simmons College's construction schedule for their new underground parking facility, the existing steam and chilled water utilities had to be relocated to support a Christmas 2005 school vacation outage.

During the months of August through December, J.F. White assisted the job team in routing the pipe, selecting and purchasing the pipe materials and performing the installation. Ultimately 1600 lf of 10" chilled water pipe and 1060 lf of 8"/4" steam and condensate piping were installed. Close coordination with the job team and the owner lead to a successful conclusion of the project.