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MWRA Walnut Hill Treatment Plant

Job Highlights:

  • Demolition
  • Pipe & Pump Installation
  • Remove hazardous materials
  • Sluice Gate Install & Modify
  • Stop Log Installation
  • Hydro Turbine Generator
  • Modifications
  • Process Instumentation & Control

    Hydro Turbine Generator

    The work of this contract consisted of providing demolition, hazardous material removal, renovations and modifications to water transmission and hydro-electric power generation facilities. The majority of the work was located at the Cosgrove and Wachusett Intakes on the Wachusett Reservoir in the town of Clinton, MA. In addition we furnished and installed:

    • a ground-mounted package water booster pump station
    • a package disinfection facility
    • associated 12-in piping
    • a 16-inch water main

    at the Walnut Hill Water Treatment Plant site in the Town of Northborough and City of Marlborough.

    Challenging aspects of this project included the demolition and replacement of the piping in the Wachusett Lower Intake Structure Facility, the modifications to the existing hydro turbine generators, and project scheduling so as to maintain a constant water supply to the MWRA.