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Holland School Exterior Wall Replacement

Job Highlights:

  • 51 Fan Coils
  • 49 Heat Recovery Units
  • 49 Duct Hot Water Coils
  • Rooftop Air Handling Units
  • Direct Digital Control Systems
  • 217 LF Fin Tube Radiation
  • 3,482 LF SB Copper
  • 50 new isolation valves


Fin Tube Radiation

As the HVAC filed subcontractor, J.F. White disconnected, removed or relocated equipment and piping along 4500 LF of exterior wall. J.F. White installed 51 fan coil units and 49 heat recovery units and duct mounted coils. New dual temperature supply and return piping and ductwork for each unit were installed and considerable rework was done to the existing condensate drain system. Other equipment installed included a rooftop air handling unit with a duct mounted hot water coil and 217 LF of fin tube radiation. Additionally, a Direct Digital Control System was installed for the automatic temperature control of all equipment installed.

Challenges included the condition of the existing piping systems, non-operable isolation valves, as well as unmarked and nonexistent piping and isolation valves due to the 35 year old as-built drawings. The Owner required the building heating system be maintained and operating during the fall, winter and spring with limited shutdown periods. Close coordination with the General Contractor ensured a successful heating season during the construction period. This project was completed ahead of schedule and within budget.