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Harvard LISE McKay Underpinning

Project Highlights:

• 65.00 cy excavating access pits & underpinning pits
• 42.00 cy placing concrete
• 25.00 cy dry pack spread
footing and foundation
• 223 sf single face formwork





J.F. White Contracting was contracted to underpin the southwest corner of Harvard University Gordan McKay Building at 29 Oxford St., Cambridge, MA. We underpinned this corner of the building to install a new spread footing 10 feet below the existing spread footing and do the same for the foundation wall and and construct a new column up to the existing spread footing. This would allowed excavating for an additional level below the ground floor of the McKay building for the installation of a loading dock.

Vertical lagging was used to develop the access pit and horizontal lagging for the underpinning pit. J.F. White excavated the underpinning pit using 2 foot lift to minimize the chance of settlement on the poor soil conditions.