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Cambridge Public Library

Project Highlights:


  • 40,000 cy bulk excavation
  • 6500 cy dental excavation
  • 2,400 cy storm tank excavation
  • 100 cy hand trenching and underpinnning
  • 80 ea. piles, 2776 sf lagging
  • 1800 cy crushed stone


The Cambridge Main Public Library Extension Project entailed renovation of the existing library, construction of a new library addition, and construction of an underground parking garage. Within the existing library, extensive hand excavation and select underpinning work was performed. This work was required due to limited work space not allowing for equipment, and due to existing structures which had to be protected and stabilized during work activities. J. F. White performed over 100 cy of hand excavation with underpinning of selected structures. This material was dug out for the follow on MEP trades to install their utilities. Much of the same material was use for backfill (hand work) and the balance generally was loaded out by a mini bobcat, wheel barrels and small conveyors. Additionally, select underpinning occurred at areas outside the existing building during excavation.

This project demonstrated J.F. White’s ability to effectively manage and executed the retrofitting hand trenching and underpinning required for the new MEP upgraded utilities in an existing structure, while structurally protecting the building in a confined and congested work environment.