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Columbus Boulevard Reconstruction and Bridge Replacement

Job Highlights:

  • 1026 Cubic Yards Class A Concrete
  • 710 CubicYards Class F Concrete
  • 300 Cubic Yards Class F High Performance Concrete
  • Removal of 1858 Cubic of Yards Existing Masonry


Columbus Boulevard Widening


Columbus Boulevard Reconstruction and Bridge Replacement

This J. F. White project consisted of widening the Columbus Boulevard roadway in Hartford (CT), with numerous utility relocations and site improvements.

Safety improvements on the Whitehead Highway and two bridge replacements over the Whitehead Highway involved the replacement of the Columbus Boulevard Bridge and the rehabilitation of the Whitehead Highway to the I-91 Northbound exit ramp bridge over the Connecticut Southern Railroad. Drilled micro-pile foundations, traffic signals, highway lighting, paving and site finishes were installed.

Utilities involved and installed included: gas, water, electric, steam, sewer, SBC Communications, fire alarm and traffic signal interconnect.

Hazardous material handling and abatement included removal and disposal of contaminated soils, asbestos, PCB conduits and pipes.

Work was performed in a heavily congested area of downtown Hartford.