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Suffolk County Jail Energy & Water Conservation Design/Build Project

Job Highlights:

  • Design Build
  • Demolition of existing facility
  • 2 - 300 ton chillers and associated cooling towers
  • 6 - 2 MBTU gas fired condensing boilers
  • Victaulic Pipe
  • New Gas Supply Piping
  • Self Performed Electrical


Electric Centrifugal Chillers

This 1.7 million dollar project at the Suffolk County Jail on Nashua Street intended to curtail the use of steam heating at this facility. To effect this change, JFW and their design engineer, VAV International, have installed a gas fired condensing boiler plant with an input capacity of 12 million BTU/ Hr and have modified the building and domestic water heating systems to improve and simplify them. In addition, the cooling system was upgraded by replacing the chillers and cooling tower with new equipment designed to better match the existing load and ambient conditions and deliver greater efficiencies.

One challenging aspect of this project was that because this site is an active jail, all work was closely coordinated between the owner, J.F. White and the design team to prevent any incident that could cause the jail to suffer a shutdown or compromise security. This was accomplished with no incidents.