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Brook House Chiller Replacement

Job Highlights:

  • 2 - 800 ton Electric Centrifugal Chillers
  • 12” and 16” piping
  • new 2500 amp bus duct
  • 1200 CFM fans
  • New Digital Control System


J.F. White Self Perfomed the major Mechanical work and all power related Electrical work.

J.F. White was contracted by the Brook House Condominium Association to remove the existing 820 ton gas engine driven centrifugal units and replace them with two 800 ton electric centrifugal machines. This included removing and replacing chilled and condenser water pumps with the associated VFD’s. New switch gear, 2500 amp bus duct, 1200 CFM fans and a new digital control system were installed.

The difficult aspect of this job was access to the mechanical room which was via the parking garage. The garage was not designed to support the weight of the chillers. J.F. White and Glancy Rigging installed support shoring and surface protecting materials throughout the garage to allow the chillers to be moved into the mechanical room in two pieces.