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King Amigos School HVAC Modifications

Job Highlights:

  • 55 Unit Ventilators
  • 2900' of Large Bore Galvanized Grooved Piping
  • 9000' Small Bore Copper "Crimped" Piping
  • Automatic Temperature Controls


J.F. White was hired as the Mechanical General Contractor by the City of Cambridge to complete the HVAC Renovations at the King Amigos School. The scope of the project was to replace the existing Unit Ventilators (UVs) and 2 Pipe System through out the school over the course of two consecutive summer vacations.

During the 1st summer the main headers were replaced with galvanized grooved piping, tested, insulated and placed back into operation. During the 2nd summer the UVs and branch piping were replaced. During this same period the UVs were tied into the existing temperature control system and new circulating pumps were installed. The new branch connections were copper with "Crimp" style fittings. As part of the UV replacement process existing wooden cabinets had to be modified to accept the new units.

J.F. White self performed the mechanical, electrical and carpentry scopes of work.

Contract amount: $2,400,000.