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Tewksbury Substation Breakers

Project Highlights:



  • Replacement of breakers.
  • Replacement of disconnects


J. F. White was contracted to remove 16-existing 115kv Breakers and install 16- new 115kv gas breakers.  At the same time there were 8-115kv switch disconnects that needed to be replaced.

This contract consisted of replacing the breakers, disconnecting the existing control cables at the breaker and pulling them back to a point where we could install a new junction box.  Once we connected the existing to the terminal blocks in the junction box, we then pulled the new cables and connected them from the new junction box to the new breaker.  J. F. White also installed new primary and secondary cables to the breakers that had welded connectors on them.

The removal of the Switch Disconnects consisted not only of the disconnect itself but all associated hardware and manual handles.

Special care and coordination went into each installation as each breaker could only be shutdown for a certain amount of time before it would start interfering with other NGRID shutdowns that had been scheduled far in advance.