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MWRA Reactor Batteries A and B

Project Highlights:
  • Volume of each train is approximately 4.8 million gallons
  • Total liquid volume of these batteries is approximately 29 million gallons
  • Completion in four months

J. F. White received second place for the coveted David B. Perini Award for Job Team Excellence.

[The facilities include two batteries consisting of three process trains of covered selector and oxygen reactors, each compartmentalized into seven stages, as well as the oxygen generation (cryogenics) facility, secondary reactor and odor control galleries, secondary operations building, three electrical buildings, and secondary bypass conduit.

This high-purity oxygen activated sludge system works to reduce organic matter in the waste water prior to discharge into the secondary clarifier batteries.  Each of the three selector/reactor process trains in each battery measures approximately 70 feet by 366 feet.  Average liquid depth is approximately 25 feet.

The tanks were subjected to a series of rigorous integrity tests to ensure that they were impermeable to both liquid and air.

J. F. White worked closely with the MWRA to resolve extremely complex technical issues. Plant start up was successful.