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MHD CA/T - I-93 North to Chardon Street

Job Highlights:

  • SPTC Slurry Wall
    330,000 SF
  • Excavation
    800,000 CY
  • CIP Concrete
    280,000 CY
  • Reinforcing Steel
    40 Million LB
  • Structural Steel Bracing
    25,000 TN
  • Utility Relocation
  • Pipe Jacking - 66" Sewer
    350 LF
  • Drilled Caissons
    7,600 LF

Joint Venture - J. F. White/Slattery-Skanska/Perini

One of the most technically challenging of the Artery projects, "C15A1" stands as a prime example of the positive cooperation possible between owner, designer, abutters, highway users, and the contractor.

In the very heart of Boston's North End, minimizing urban impacts is an essential element of success on the project.

This section of tunnel consists of eight mainline lanes and multiple ramps for access and egress in each direction. The tie-ins to the existing Sumner and Callahan Tunnels will be completed at a depth of 110 feet below and adjacent to Hanover Street. Multiple phases allow for optimal traffic flow during construction.

With a management, supervisory and engineering team of over 50 individuals dedicated to this effort, and multiple trades and crews continuously working extended days and weeks, J. F. White as joint venture sponsor has shown the competence and capability as a company to undertake the most challenging of major projects.