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Springfield Technical Community College

Project Highlights:
  • Work was performed while campus was active with no significant disruption to the facility, faculty or students.
  • New electrical services and wiring.
  • New natural gas services.


The boilers located at the Central Heating/Cooling Plant of Springfield Technical Community College were condemned in late spring of 2012.  To provide heat over the winter of 2012/13, J.F. White Contracting Co. was contracted to furnish and install two temporary dual fuel fired steam boilers and three temporary dual fuel fired hot water boilers to be installed at several locations on the campus.  The NTP was not issued until September 3, 2012, and the boilers were required to be installed and capable of producing heat by October 15, 2012, allowing barely six weeks for the install.  Further, to allow for the installation of these boilers not only did the existing piping need to be modified and new steam, condensate and hot water piping designed and installed, but new electrical services and natural gas supplies were also required.
J.F. White Contracting Co. was able to perform all the work necessary in the short period of time allowed.  The boilers were available to provide heat by the October 15, 2012 deadline. Project was delivered on time and budget.

Contract value: $1,398,000.