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Lowell Co-Gen Plant

Job Highlights:

  • Updated existing NGrid Substation.
  • Retrofit existing building for new turbine
  • Removal of outdated Siemens Turbine.
  • Installed new Rolls Royce Turbine.
  • Project completed without a lost time accident.


Lowell Co-Gen Plant

Lowell Co-Gen Plant

J.F. White Contracting Co. was hired to remove and replace a 76 mega watt natural gas fired power plant that had sat dormant for 3 years in the City of Lowell. The power plant owned by Montgomery Energy is referred to as “L’Energia”. J.F. White’s Electrical and Civil teams disconnected the existing machine, removed it, drove piles to support the new machine, completely removed and replaced the control system and high voltage connections as well as most of the supporting instruments, motors and cabling connecting different systems.

Additionally, the existing fire alarm system had become outdated and was brought up to code. The gas compressor was removed and replaced as well as its supporting electrical and fire suppression system. The motor control centers were not of adequate capacity to support the new turbine. These motor control centers were retrofitted with updated breakers and controls with the assistance of General Electric. A new cable tray system as well as the associated cabling was developed to tie the multiple systems together.

The L’Energia plant was producing electricity in early spring of 2009.

Contract amount: $9,650,000.