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Logan Airport Upgrade to North Cargo Hangers

Job Highlights:

  • X-Ray Quality Welding
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Steam Unit Heaters


Two Emergency Hot Water Recirculation Pumps

Underground Double Wall Pre- Insulated Pipe System with Leak Detection

JF White was contracted to upgrade the High Temperature Hot Water System at Logan Airport's North Cargo Hangers. The North Cargo Hangers project was between four buildings and involved the installation of thirteen unit heaters as well as controls and piping. On the other end, the work between the hangers, work to upgrade the High Temperature Hot Water System, involved excavation and installation of 600 feet of underground double wall Perma-Pipe with a state of the art Leak Detection System.

While out of service, the existing High Temperature Hot Water system had to be replaced with two temporary boilers for the duration of the system’s down time.

For the extent of this work, the hangers had to stay open and fully operational. Very few problems arose due to great communication and planning between Massport and JF White.

Through the coordinated efforts of Massport and JF White, the job was finished in a timely fashion without incident.