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State Senate Room Renovation

Project Highlights:
  • New HVAC, ATC, Electrical, IT, Integrated Audio/Visual equipment and Fire Suppression systems.
  • Historically finished Millwork, Cabinetry, Plastering, Flooringand Finishes.
  • Rooftop structural steel framing and Energy Recovery Unit.


J.F. White Contracting Co. was contracted by the Massachusetts State Senate to perform renovations to the former Senate Document Room which is being reā€purposed to support the State Senate activities. The scope included interior demolition and salvage of masonry partitions, doors and windows within the historic building combining two adjacent rooms into a single space. The new room was outfitted with new HVAC and electrical systems, fire suppression, integrated audio visual and IT systems, flooring, millwork, cabinetry and interior finishes consistent with the historic character of the building.

The major challenges involved in completing this project were an extremely tight 10 week schedule and working within the constraints of State House operations. This required J.F. White to expedite custom materials and work multiple shifts throughout the project. All of the work was completed in a manner that did not disrupt building operations, damage or otherwise disturb the historic character of the structure.

This project was completed on time and within budget.

Contract value: $2,565,000.