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Brook House Condominiums Building C

Project Highlights:
  • 388 Fan Coil Units replaced and rewired
  • 9,000 Linear Feet of Pipe replaced
  • Experienced Scheduling.
  • Coordination bewtween all contractors.
  • Constant communication with the Owner.


Continuing the renovation of its HVAC system, the Brook House Condominiums contracted J. F. White to replace the Pipe Risers and Fan Coil Units (FCU's) in the C building.  The scope of this project included the demolition of the existing steel piping system and FCU's, the installation of a new brazed copper riser piping system, installation of a new steel welded header piping system, insulation, and the electrical wiring of the FCU's and thermostats.

J. F. White's scheduling team provided the Owner a detailed and easy to follow schedule that was used to inform the condominium tenants about outage time frames.  This scheduling resource also allowed the ease of coordination between all parties involved, including the scopes handled under separate contracts by the owner.

The project required extensive and, by its nature, disruptive work to be performed within privately owned condominium units.  J. F. White's skilled tradesmen and project team consistently provided the manpower and planning to meet the needs of Brook House condominiums for a successful completion.

                                                                                                    Contract value:  $3,165,520.