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Transportation Building Chiller Replacement

Project Highlights:
  • Replacement of (3) 450 ton chillers.
  • ATC System Upgrade.
  • ASHREA 15 upgrade to mechanical room.
  • Evening shut downs for system change over.


J.F .White was contracted by DCAMM to replace 3 existing heat recovery chiller units with 3 new magnetic bearing chillers in the lower mechanical room. The chilled water system was isolated and cut back to allow the removal of the old chillers and reinstall the new. A temporary chiller (provided by others) was used for cooling while the chilled water system was shut down.

The mechanical room where these chillers were installed is two levels down in the parking garage. To avoid overloading the parking garage ramps and fit through the existing spaces the units were broken down into 3 pieces and placed on a heavy duty equipment trailer. An F-250 pickup truck transported the trailer with the pieces down the ramps to lower mechanical room.

The major challenge of this project was introducing new HVAC equipment to a complicated existing HVAC system. Close coordination and pre planning with the engineers and the subcontractors made this a successful project.

Contract value: $2,410,500.