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MBTA Tufts Medical Center & Andrew Square Stations

Project Highlights:
  • 6 Elevators
  • Piping across the tunnel ceiling
  • Tested and commissioned the temporary equipment
  • Under platform conduit was installed to supply power to panel

  J.F. White’s Electrical Division was contracted to perform work at Tufts Medical Center Station and Andrew Square Station Elevator Replacement. 

The scope included the installation of conduit, wire and associated electrical systems Fire, CCTV and Security to support the installation of (3) upgraded elevators at MBTA Tufts Medical Center and (3) elevators at MBTA Andrew Station. 

Also at Tufts Medical Center Electrical room located within the subway tunnel was removal the of existing 15KV double-ended switchgear and included the installation of a temporary 15KV Switch/XFMR/Low Voltage compartment and switchboard in order to maintain revenue service. This includes associated conduit, supports wire and terminations as a prerequisite for the and installation of "New" 15kv 3000A double-ended switchgear with associated conduit, supports, subpanels wire, terminations, lighting and fire protection. 

                                                                 Total value: $1,866,000