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MBTA South Huntington Ave/Heath Street Green Line Track

Job Highlights:

  • Reconstructed 3500 linear feet Full Depth Track
  • Installed 3500 linear feet Rubber Rail Seal
  • Placed 3000 tons Bituminous Pavement
  • Removed and Disposed of 2500 cubic yards Concrete Encased Track Excavation
  • Created 175 Thermite Field Welds

        Demolition and excavation of
        existing concrete encased track,
        along South Huntington Avenue.

        J. F. White was contracted by the MBTA for the reconstruction of the Green Line transit track at the South Huntington Avenue / Heath Street location. In total, J. F. White removed and reconstructed 3,500 feet of the existing track, including special trackwork.

        The scope of work performed by J. F White under this project included: demolition and removal of the existing concrete-encased trackbed; removal of the existing track structure; relocating, maintaining and protecting existing utilities; and excavation for full-depth roadway and track construction. After completing the track removal and excavation, J. F. White moved on to the next phase of the project: preparation of the subgrade and full-depth track construction. This phase included continuously welded rail and installation of rubber rail seal.

        The installation of rail bonds, negative return cables, traffic signal loops, traffic signals and other related electrical work was performed by J. F. White’s Electrical Group.

        Because the project was located so close to residences, local businesses and a heavily traveled pedestrian and vehicle roadway, this project presented a challenge to execute in a timely and cost efficient manner. Advanced planning and cooperation with City officials, the community, the MBTA, subcontractors, and J. F. White's skilled labor force were key to the successful completion of this project.