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Harvard University Blackstone Steam Plant Upgrade

Project Highlights:
  • 1 13.8kv/480v transformers
  • 480V Unit Substation
  • Turbine Hall Motor Control Center
  • Standby Genset
  • Instrumentation and Control



J. F. White Electrical team performed the Low Voltage Power Project scope of work associated with the 480v electrical distribution system by Harvard University's Blackstone Steam Plant.

The project included the installation of two 13.8kv/480v transformers; a 480 V unit substation: a bus duct from the transformers to the substation; the substation room including lighting; electrical panels; grounding system; turbine room Motor control Center; all electrical conduit and tray; power wiring and accessories for the 480V loads and the instrumentation wiring.  In addition, the supply and installation of temporary generator set, its piping systems, power and control conduit and wiring was required during the construction period.

Also included was the removal of the existing standby generator set, its associated equipment and systems and the installation of a new standby diesel generator set, including its radiator, exhaust system, auxiliary equipment, 3000KW load bank for testing, associated piping g systems and supports, control valves and instrumentation.  The relocation of an existing 400/100 psig steam pressure reducing station and the main steam valve was also required within this operating steam plant.