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Craigie Dam Bridge and Drawbridge

Project Highlights:
  • Removal of 8 sluice gates
  • Installation of four individual drive systems, 1 drive for each leaf
  • Redesign of balancing calculations to provide more efficient operation of the bascule bridge
  • Project completed ahead of schedule


J. F. White was contracted by MassDot to rehabilitate two Craigie Bridge structures. The work included the rehabilitation of the Craigie Drawbridge; repair of the old Charles River Dam sluice gate structure (Craigie Dam Bridge), utility, and roadway improvements.

The two structures were located within approximately 1,600 ft section of Charles River Dam Road, between the intersection of Monsignor O'Brien highway, Charlestown Ave, and Land Boulevard in the City of Cambridge and the Leverett Circle intersection in the City Boston, Massachusetts.

J. F. White implemented two temporary bridge systems which included launching and de-launching 140' temporary bridges to allow phased construction. Phased replacement of the double leaf bascule bridge with a span of 45', utilizing off site assembly then floated in by barge and lifted into place with a crane. the bridge was completely demolished and reconstructed working 24 hours per day 7 days per week in 5 months from November through mid-March

Coordination with over 20 Boston, Cambridge and State agencies was significant to maintain traffic detours through the heart of Boston and Cambridge

Contract value: $35,200,000.