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One Western Ave - Harvard


Project Highlights:
  • Excavation 135,000 cy
  • Slurry Wall Construction
  • Wales 1,600 LF
  • Struts & Corners 34 EA
  • Disposal:
  • Unlined Facility 60,000 tn
    Lined Facility 2,500 tn
    Recycling Facility 9,000 tn

Working in tight quarters




J.F. White's work on this project entailed the excavation of the building foundation for the Harvard Graduate Housing Building inside a perimeter slurry wall. The foundation was approximately 90,000 square feet by 40-feet deep. In addition, J. F. White installed and later removed a two level internal bracing system.

The site was a DEP listed site and the project team had to dispose of 12 different classifications of soil, which required either a Bill of Lading or Material Shipping Record. There were almost 8,000 truckloads of material to dispose of and track. Contamination was a problem on the site.

One excavated material, classified a hazardous waste, required treatment prior to disposal because of lead pollutants. The material was stockpiled in 1-foot increments; sprayed with a MBS Slurry to neutralize it; and the process was repeated. Once the soil dried out, it was then classified for disposal in a lined in-state landfill and a RCRA landfill.