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Upper Cape Cod Technical High School

Job Highlights:

  • 2,000 LF SB of piping
  • 9 air handling units
  • 27 Unit Ventilators
  • 22 Cabinet Unit Heaters
  • Direct Digital Control System


Hot Water Boilers

J.F. White installed six, 2 MBTU high efficiency, gasfired condensing boilers, circulating pumps and expansion tanks. The installation included combustion air and exhaust venting system, burner management system and interconnecting gas, water and drain piping. Two hot water heaters, 6 storage tanks and pumps for the domestic hot water system were also installed. Other equipment installed included 9 air handling units, 27 classroom ventilators, 22 cabinet unit heaters, 9 unit heaters and over 2,000 LF of piping.

Additionally, a Direct Digital Control System was installed for the automatic temperature control of all the existing and newly installed equipment...

An aggressive, flexible schedule and close coordination with the owner to maintain the school's utilization of the facility were key factors in the successful completion of this project.