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Wellesley Cedar Street Bridge Replacement

Project Highlights:
  • Demolition of 4700 sq ft of bridge deck and abutments in 12 hours
  • Constructed 53' x 89' Bridge Superstructure on temporary shoring system
  • Precast concrete abutments extensions
  • 500 ton heavy lift bridge moved approximately 350 ft
  • Estimated 2 year phased construction duration completed in 6 months


J.F. White and its Design Build Team was contracted by MassDot as the best valued design build contractor for the Cedar Street Bridge Replacement Project in Wellesley, MA. the main objective of the project was to upgrade the deteriorated components of the bridge substructure and replace the existing bride superstructure with a new bridge deck that has an increased load capacity and 1'-3' greater vertical clearance under the bridge to Route 9 below.

J. F. White utilized accelerated bridge construction methods in order to minimize the duration of work performed int eh roadway. the replacement bridge deck was built in advance on a temporary support structure adjacent to the existing bridge. During a 72 hour long detour of Route 9, J. F. White proceeded with the demolition of the existing bridge and abutments and installed precast concrete abutments extensions. The new bridge deck superstructure was moved in to place with Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) that lifted the replacement bridge deck from its temporary shoring towers and drove it out on to Route 9 to its final location where it was lowered into place with all work complete 10 hours ahead of schedule.

Contract value: $3,748,000.