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Distrigas of Massachusetts Everett Facility

Job Highlights:

  • Upgraded New Uninterrupted Power Supply System
  • Installed a Motor Control Center
  • Revised Emergency Shunt-Trip System

    Completed Conduit Installation


    J.F. White's Electrical Team performed two separate projects for Distrigas' Facility in Everett, MA. The first project was an upgrade of the current Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) System, whereby J.F. White installed six new UPS units and one motor control center for Distrigas.

    The second project involved Distrigas' Shunt-Trip System. For this project, J.F. White revised the emergency shutdown sequence from twenty operations to five operations, thereby creating a more effective and efficient emergency shut-down system. As part of the control room upgrade, J.F. White made modifications to the existing control panel. Also, J.F. White installed several thousand feet of 2-inch and 3-inch rigid conduit. This conduit was installed in areas where liquid natural gas was present and, as such, required explosion-proof fittings in order to meet strict national electrical codes.

    This project demonstrates J.F. White's ability to perform quality work in even the most hazardous conditions.