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Haverhill Bridge over Merrimac River

Job Highlights:

  • Demolition of five -153’ Truss Spans
  • Set 20 tub girders
  • Remove and reconstruct five existing piers with five new granite facia piers.
  • Drilled 54 shafts - to a depth of 66 feet.


Branford Reconstruction of I95 Ramp

This J. F. White project for Mass Highway consisted of the complete demolition of an existing 825’ bridge across the Merrimac River from Haverhill to Bradford, Massachusetts, and the construction of a new bridge within the same alignment.

In order to provide access to the work of demolishing the existing bridge and constructing the new bridge, a temporary trestle and utility bridge were constructed. The temporary trestle provided a work platform, and the temporary utility bridge carried the utilities across the river during the construction work.

The approximate weight of steel for both the trestle and utility bridge was 1,912 tons. The temporary trestle had to support (2) 250 ton cranes required for the tandem pick to set the new 100 ton/110’ long tub girders. Coordination of relocating and resetting utilities such as water, gas and telephone was very critical.

After the superstructure of the existing bridge was removed, soldier piles were driven at both abutments and steel sheet piling cofferdams were driven around the five existing piers.

This project withstood a 100-year storm, with river water one inch from the trestle deck.