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MWRA Back Pressure Steam Turbine/Generator

Project Highlights:

Design/Build project

Work performed while OSTPP was in operation with no unplanned interruptions.

All large bore Main Steam piping required radiograph testing.

BPSTG brought on line on schedule.


J.F. White was contracted by the MWRA to install a new owner supplied one megawatt steam turbine in the existing On Site Thermal Power Plant (OSTPP) at Deer Island. The project was contracted as a “Design‐Build”. J.F. White assembled a team including The Shaw Group and The Lydon Company to mechanically, electrically and structurally integrate the new turbine into the existing facility. J.F. White self‐performed all the mechanical, electrical and structural work. The Lydon Company installed and aligned the new turbine and The Shaw Group provided the engineering/design support required. The project was completed on time and the new turbine met all performance requirements. Contract amount: $1,522,330.