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Tunnel Portal Security System

Project Highlights:
  • 52 Cameras
  • 27,000 ft. of Fiber Optic Cable
  • 26 Laser Motion Detectors
  • 52 Card Access Readers
  • 12,000 ft. of Rigid Steel conduit


J.F. White Contracting Company’s Electrical Division was contracted by MBTA to provide and install a system to monitor unwanted entry into 15 subway tunnels of the MBTA System.

The work entailed the design and deployment of a human intrusion detection system that works in conjunction with the existing MBTA Hub Monitoring and Control System (HMCS) and
existing MBTA Video Surveillance System. The system utilizes laser‐based intrusion detection sensors, door/hatch entry indicators, and video cameras to monitor the identified portals at
the various locations. An electronic access control system is utilized to temporarily bypass the monitoring system to allow authorized employees to enter the tunnel without alarms.

This system uses a combination of intelligent and conventional sensors to monitor the entry portals of the applicable tunnels, and transmit alarms to the Hub Monitoring Control System. Video cameras are also deployed at the portals, to record breaches of security and to allow operators to actively monitor the portals and visually assess alarms.

Contract value: $4,200,000.