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Maverick Station - Blue Line Modernization

Project Highlights:
  • 4,000 cy concrete
  • 16,000 cy excavation
  • Reconstruction of Maverick Square roads and sidewalks.
  • 1,000' medium voltage cable.
  • Two Substations
  • 112,660' lighting/power cables
  • 73,450' various conduits
  • 16,410' communication and signal cables
  • 18 million dollars of station finishes


Maverick Station is an underground station station located on the MBTA blue Line in East Boston. J. F. White's contract included the demolition, renovation, reconstruction and operations systems upgrade to the commuter station. The work also involved extensive reconstruction to the site and roadways around the station which required numerous roadway closures and detours to allow traffic to continue without interruption. The rerouting of buses and the construction of temporary bus stops was required to allow both bus service and construction to continue without inconvenience to either.

During construction, the below ground station had to remain open for revenue service at all times. The work performed in the station included major renovations to the entire structure and the installation of new finishes. J. F. White worked closely with the Blue Line Operations staff to maintain a safe and accurate schedule while the work was in progress during revenue service. Coordination included scheduling station diversions, setting up track orders, coordinating flagging, power shut downs and closing sections of the platform.

Contract value: $40,040,000.