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Fitchburg Commuter Rail Line Improvements

Project Highlights:
  • Replacement of retaining walls
  • Steel superstructure replacement
  • Rock excavation and grading
  • Cast in place concrete fascia


The MBTA awarded J.F. White Contracting the Fitchburg Commuter Rail Improvements project. The work comprised of masonry and concrete substructure repairs of eight (8) railroad bridge structures, superstructure demolition and replacement of four (4) bridge structures and rock excavation and slope cuts at two locations along 40-mile stretch of the MBTA Fitchburg Commuter Rail Line.

Four foot diameter drilled shafts with new concrete abutments and wing walls were required at three (3) of the bridge superstructure replacements. A roll-in replacement was utilized over a weekend outage to replace the Route 62-Main Street Bridge in Concord.

The remaining superstructure replacements were over water crossings. J.F. White utilized a combination of weekend outages and single track closures to complete this project.

Contract value: $14,600,000.