JF. White Contracting Company Environmental, Health and Safety Policy Statement

J.F. White Contracting Company is attuned to the potential safety, health and environmental impacts of its operations and activities. In keeping with J.F. White Contracting Company policies, which are incorporated herein by reference, J.F. White Contracting Company management will implement a Safety, Health and Environmental Management System to address these potential impacts and to carry out operations and activities in a manner that is protective of human health and the environment.

This management system is designed to make safety, health and environmental care an integral part of all projects and a responsibility of all employees. It allocates appropriate resources and provides the training necessary to ensure the attainment of safety, health and environmental objectives. Top Management is committed to maintaining a work environment that protects employees from reprisals when reporting incidents, hazards, risk and opportunities. Top Management at J.F. White Contracting Company is committed to keeping this system effective for its intended purpose and to continually improving it as a framework to achieve the following results:

Regulatory Compliance: We will evaluate and comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations at each location where we conduct business.

Prevention of Accidents: We will strive to identify and assess risk in all of our activities and take actions to mitigate any high-risk conditions.

Prevention of Pollution:We will seek first to cost effectively avoid the creation of pollution and waste from our projects and operations, and second, to manage remaining waste through safe and responsible methods.

Conservation:We will strive to reduce our consumption of natural resources through cost-effective use of recycled and reused materials and conservation of energy and water.

Emissions and Effluents:We will work to diminish our emissions and effluents by employing cost-effective operational controls, by diligently monitoring operational indicators and by implementing corrective and preventive actions where necessary.

Ecology and Habitat:We will protect habitats, wetlands and other sensitive ecological resources in accordance with applicable regulations and local ordinances.

Hazardous and Toxic Substances:We will exercise caution when using hazardous materials and avoid the use of toxic substances if unable to properly assess their human, ecological or environmental risks.

Communication:We will communicate this policy to all employees, make it available to the public and establish procedures to receive and respond to inquiries from the workforce and external interested parties. We will also alert potentially affected individuals and authorities of any safety, health or environmental incident(s) in a timely and effective manner. Thorough investigations will be conducted, and corrective and preventive actions implemented and monitored. J. F. White Contracting promotes the participation of its workers in the continual improvement process.

Objectives: Every year, Top Management, in collaboration with the SHEMS team, analyzes the status of the system and establishes objects that will be reviewed periodically during the year.

Top Management at J.F. White Contracting Company believes that how we care for people and the environment today affects both current and future generations. We accept our responsibility for doing our best to maintain awareness and to minimize adverse safety, health and environmental impacts from our operations. This is beneficial for the environment in which we, our families and our neighbors work and live and for generating new opportunities for our business.