Bidding Opportunities 


Date   Bid Name / Contact                                                            

2/27/2020 - T25CN01 MBTA On-Call Track IV, Green Line-B&C Branch, 21.21M-Bob Lee 617-558-0435
2/19/2020 - MassPort Authority L1332-C3A Logan International Airport B-DC and B-C Roadways, $43M - Greg Labrum 617-454-1676
4/1/2020 - RIDOT #7598876PH2 95 NB Providence Viaduct (Design-Build), $175M -Bob Lee 617-558-0435
4/9/2020 - K78CN03 MBTA South Coast Rail-Fall River Secondary Commuter Rail Expansion Project-Berkley to Fall River, 164.56M - Greg Labrum 617-454-1676
4/15/2020 - MADOT Highway 608335 Interstate 90 Superstructure Replacements (EB & WB) over Woodland, Cordaville, Parkerville, and Flanders Roads, $44M - Rob Collari 617-558-0499

Date reflects the date J.F. White must submit bid to Owner


If you are a M/W/V/D/SD/LGBT-OBE vendor and would like to be added to our list of contacts, please send your company information and a copy of your current SDO letter to Bidding Coordinator or fax to 617-558-0460.