Bidding Opportunities 


Date*   Bid Name / Contact                                                             

7/18/17– MassDOT Contract No. 605957 Struct Steel & Deck Repairs, Painting - Tobin Bridge, Phase VII, $46M  - Tom Pyle 617-454 1602

7/26/17 - RIDOT Contract No. 2017-DB-018 Design-Build Services Cumberland I-295 Corridor Bridges, $18M - Peter Rapp 617-454-1661

7/28/17 - RIDOT Contract No. 2017-DB-022 Design-Build Services I-95 over Oxford Street, $5M - Mike McCullough 617-454-1668

* date reflects the date J.F. White must submit bid to Owner



If you are a M/W/V/D/SD/LGBT-OBE vendor and would like to be added to our list of contacts, please send your company information and a copy of your current SDO letter to Bidding Coordinator or fax to 617-558-0460.