Bidding Opportunities 


Date   Bid Name / Contact                                                        

10/05/2023 MBTA R53CN03, North Cambridge Bus Facility-Modifications for Battery - Electric Buses, $27.8 M, Tim Cullinane,

10/17/2023 CTDOT 0063-0726, Rehabilitation of Bridge No. 01469B (Dutch Point Viaduct), I-91 over Connecticut Southern Railroad, SR 598 WB, And TR 803, $60M., Josh Parkinson,

10/27/2023 Amtrak X138-23111, Replacement of MB 106.89 over Connecticut River, Old Lyme & Old Saybrook, $450M, Josh Parkinson,

Contact with questions. 

Date reflects the date J.F. White must submit bid to Owner


If you are a M/W/V/D/SD/LGBT-OBE vendor and would like to be added to our list of contacts, please send your company information and a copy of your current SDO letter to Bidding Coordinator or fax to 617-558-0460.