Recently Awarded Contracts


Cape Main Track and Crossing Improvements

As part of the 2018 Track Improvement Program, MASSDOT Rail Division and their operating freight railroad contractor Massachusetts Coastal Railroad, have awarded J.F. White Contracting Company the Track and Grade Crossing Improvements Project. The work will occur in Southeastern Massachusetts on the Cape Cod Main Line, the South Dennis Line, the Falmouth Branch, and the North Dartmouth Industrial Track (NDIT). On the Cape Cod Main Line, which runs from Middleboro to Hyannis, the work consists of furnishing and installing approx. 820 ea. new switch timbers in 28 existing main line track switches and installation of approx. 2,290 ea. new timber crossties on the existing Tremont Siding, Sagamore Siding, and West Barnstable Siding, and surfacing of approx. 3.25 miles of existing track and turnouts. On the South Dennis Line, which runs from Yarmouth toward South Dennis, the work consists of installation of approx. 1,500 ea. new timber crossties in the existing main line, surfacing of approx. 2.80 miles of existing track and turnouts, and full depth replacement of one public at-grade roadway crossing at Summer Street and one private grade crossing at the Transfer Station Road. On the Falmouth Branch, which runs from the canal lift bridge to Otis Air Force Base, the work consists of full depth replacement of one public grade crossing at Barlow’s Landing Road. On the North Dartmouth Industrial Track which services industry customers between New Bedford and Westport, MA, the work will consist of installation of approx. 210 ea. new timber crossties in the main line, surfacing of approx. 0.20 miles of existing track, and full depth replacement of one public grade crossing at Davis Road and two private grade crossings at farm access roads. To accompany the work on each line, J.F. White will perform pre-construction survey for road and track profiles at the grade crossings, furnish and install relay tie plates and rail anchors for the existing 80#ASCE Rail, replacement of existing 80#ASCE and 107#NH rail with relay rail, tighten approx. 325 ea. existing rail joints including furnishing new track bolts, furnish and distribute approx. 4,000 ton of railroad track ballast, and clean and dispose of approx. 425 ton of existing scrap timber from the Right-of-Way. This project continues MASSDOT Rail Division’s overall plan and investment in upgrading and maintaining transportation facilities throughout the Commonwealth.

Replacement of I-95 over East St and Roosevelt Ave

J.F. White was recently awarded the Design-Build Services for the Replacement of I-95 over East Street and Roosevelt Avenue, Bridge Nos. 056101, 056121, 056201, & 056221 by the Rhode Island Department of Transportation.

The project scope involves replacement of the four bridges using the Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) method implementing the following concepts:

  • The use of Self Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) units for the superstructures
  • The use of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil – Integrated Bridge System (GRS-IBS) for the abutments and substructures
  • Precast units for beam seats, end posts, and transition units to the TL-5 traffic barrier system. The GRS-IBS systems allows for the reduction of the existing three span bridge to a single span bridge.

Each new superstructure will be pre-built with steel fabricated plate girders and cast in place concrete deck, adjacent to the existing bridges. The existing superstructure will be demolished and the new superstructure will be transported by the SPMTs to the final alignment. JF White will perform the demolition and transport operation of each bridge during four separate weekend shutdowns of I-95 Northbound or Southbound.

Additional work items include milling and paving, surface restoration, maintenance of storm drainage facilities, and relocation of highway lighting and traffic signal facilities.

Superstructure Replacement for Bridge No. 653 I-95 over Oxford Street

J.F. White was awarded by the Rhode Island Department of Transportation the Design-Build Services Replacement of Oxford Street Bridge. The Oxford St Bridge is located just south of the I-195/I-95 Interchange in Providence. The project scope involves structural improvements to the abutments and wing walls, demolition and replacement of the superstructure, and installation of a TL-5 barrier, which will be placed on top of a structurally isolated moment slab built below the subsurface. The superstructure will be replaced with “Type D” NEXT Beams (integral deck) used due to the staged construction schedule.

Tufts Chilled Water Extension

Installation of chilled water supply and return pipes across the University main mall. The scope of work performed by J.F. White includes; temporary access roadways, temporary fencing, trench excavation/backfilling, installation of 12” HPDE chilled water pipes, tree protection and site refurbishment.

Logan Central Heating Plant Upgrades

Remove existing chilled water expansion tanks, connections to Owner supplied new expansion tanks. Replace steam header, isolation valves, blowdown tank & associated aftercooler and piping, steam pressure reducing station, stem powered pump and associated tie-ins, opacity meter, equipment, supports & bases & misc. repairs, structural work, electrical including replacement of VFD's.


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